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Crying for one month olds...

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    FutureHKmom is offline Registered User
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    Crying for one month olds...

    My one month old baby breastfed baby has a few crying spells a day where he cries and cries and cries and there is no stopping him. Last night it happened at 10:30pm right after a feed. He fed on both breasts for 35 minutes or so, which should be enough for him. We changed his diaper, checked to make sure he wasn't hot or cold but he still kept crying and crying. Really wasn't sure what he was fussing about. As I laid down to get some rest, my husband took care of him and decided to put him down to see if he would just cry himself to sleep - of course that didn't happen and after 30 minutes of crying, my husband picked him up again.

    Just wondering what people have done in this situation for a one month old. Would you pick him up and hold him the whole time even though he would continue to cry while holding him? My confinement lady suggested that maybe he was still hungry and suggested supplementing with a bit of formula. But I'm not convinced that he is still hungry. Is one month too young to let him just cry it out (though that didn't seem to work as he just continued to cry after we put him down for 30 minutes)?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Suv is offline Registered User
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    FHKM, Did you go in every 5-10 min to pat him or cuddle him or reassure him? And if you/ your husband did not go in for all of 30 min, then its long for any baby. IMO up to 2-3 month old, they cry for a reason. Perhaps its gas as you had had this problem before. Have you thought of giving gripe water after the feed? I also used to put my son on my shoulder such that his tummy would get pressed and any burp/ gas/ discomfort would be relieved.

    I would imagine that your instinct is right about food. My MIL kept wondering if my baby was hungry too every time my baby even made a sound. So make sure he is not hungry by offering your breast again and then proceed to ignore what your confinement lady says.

    Once you have decided that you will use CIO method, then don't pick him up. The reason is that if he stops crying when you pick him up, it will then teach him that if he cries long enough, you will give in and finally pick him up. And you would have made him cry for no reason instead of teaching him how to sleep. On the other hand, if you read Tracy Hogg, baby whisperer method.... she says differently. Find one method that is suitable for you and your husband and your temperaments and then stick to it.

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    reei is offline Registered User
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    how about singing to your baby? i remembered when my baby was less than 100 days old, she kept crying,, and i just have to carry her, sing to her.. rock her.. breastfeed.. all sorts of things..
    also , try making whooshing sounds,, hushing her all the time.
    at times, need to carry her the whole night till morning.. or check whether there are any ants, any rashes.. rubbing ointment on her little tummy..
    patting her buttock.. everything.. just try..
    maybe baby is just too tired but they don't know how to fall asleep..
    if u r breastfeeding, have u taken any caffeinated stuffs, or gas causing food?

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    I think one month is way to young to let him cry it out. He`s barely out of the womb, poor thing.
    My baby was not a huge crier (though he is starting to make up for lost times sometimes), but I always picked him up. Yeah, sometimes they are inconsolable. But one month is so tiny, everything is so new for them. They could have some painful gas, or just normal gassy feelings inside, and then maybe they had some trouble breastfeeding or more often what I am finding with my little one, that at the end of the day, before his bath, he gets very cranky due to a day of stimulation, especially if we`ve been out.
    Maybe your baby is especially sensitive to his new sensory world.
    Also, at 4 weeks my baby had a very difficult time putting himself to sleep. And when they get overtired, watch out!
    If it were my baby, I would pick him up and hold him. I`m sure he would at least find some comfort in that.
    My baby`s favourite position - upright, over my shoulder. It works almost every time.
    Oh, and I agree with suv, IGNORE the confinement lady.
    Good luck and I hope tonight is better.

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    reei is offline Registered User
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    Hung Hom

    maybe no need to pick him up immediately , as soon as he cry.. just let him cry for a while. he may be trying to fall asleep.. pat him a little and see if he could fall asleep on his own. it happened once or twice to my baby, she played for a while on her own.. or cry for a while, then fall asleep.. but.. hardly happens..:)
    it'll be hard, if he try to fall asleep.. crying then almost fall asleep then you pick him up..
    good luck..

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