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Adult Content Advertisements on public Bus

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    Adult Content Advertisements on public Bus

    Sorry but this is a bit of a rant. . . But here goes. . . I take my son to and from school on public bus, we get to see quite a few of the advertisements being flashed on their screen. . . and no matter how I try to distract my son with the views outside or conversation. . . sometimes, it's just not enough to compete with the "TV".

    However, what really bothers me is the contents on some of these commercials. I mean my son is almost six and have begun asking me "what does it mean" on a commercial he just seen, and a few of the ones I can't explain or don't even want to is as follows, I'd like to know if anyone else has seen these ads and is bothered by them:

    - Girl get out of the car, takes off outer wear to wear skimpy clothes (read slutty clothes), then when it's a red light take skimpy clothes off down to her bikini and gleefully cross the street ON A RED LIGHT - (advertiser is one of those slimming places)
    - Male has a different concubine everyday, then lost stamina, solution, eat herbal jelly (turtle jelly product)
    - From a cartoon depiction of a girl's thigh area . . . black stuff like smoke coming out (feminine hygiene product)
    - Boy chases girl all over and the solution, charge everything to credit plane ticket, suit, ring etc. and boy gets girl (credit company).

    I know the bus companies make money off their advertisements, but shouldn't their material be monitored like on TV. . . I mean even on TV certain subjects/materials are not shown until quite late in the evening, and you get a parental guidance notice, but for these ads to be running all day long knowing there will be kids and students on the bus seems irresponsible I think. . .

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    I don't think that Hong Kong has so much censorship as other countries - in some areas, it's not uncommon for there to be posters of topless girls in the streets - and all over the place there are those newsagents with porn or near-porn magazines out for everyone to see. I'm not used to seeing so much of that stuff in Australia. Even though the same kinds of magazines are sold in gas stations etc, they have to cover the front so that kids etc don't have to see it - so you can just see the title and you have to buy it and unwrap it if you want to see anything...

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