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Dream Feeds and waking more often

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    Last night I did the dream feed at 10.30. he woke up at 1.30, then every 2 hrs after, sometimes each hour. It was not a nice nice. I think I will go back to my dream feed right before I sleep and if I stil am experiencing it, I might just drop it altogether. it`s hard for me to go to bed earlier though - I have to do his nighttime routine, then cook dinner, eat it, piddle around a bit and shower...and find some time to talk to my husband too!
    I know that 3.5 months is still a bit young to expect longer sleeping, but it`s just that I know they have the capacity to do so, and so I hope it will happen. I`m just really tired:)
    I still wonder if my milk IS enough... only because if he was satisfied, he shouldn`t be waking so often! BUT on the other hand, he is very healthy, growing like a weed, born at 2.9 kgs and at 3.5 months he`s now 6.5, more than double! He was on a growth spurt a couple of weeks ago,,,I guess he could be on another but so soon?

    kerokero - I also read the book when I was pregnant as I have a friend who swears by it. I had real high hopes that were soon diminished once I met my baby and experienced motherhood. I`m thinking of revisiting the book a bit, and if there are continual problems, thumbing through some of the others, like baby whisperer, gina ford, etc. I know babies thrive on routine for the most part, but I guess it depends on what degree of routine - my son has made his own, but it can vary and that is ok with me. It`s just these bloody nighttimes that are starting to get the best of me. He`s just not looking as cute at 4.30am when I saw him the hour before!
    Let`s see what tonight brings:)

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    Brings back lots of memories of one of my little ones at that age. I used to dream feed about 10 and she would always wake before 2am and sometimes like you say every hour or so. Someone mentioned to me not giving the dream feed and see if it made any difference. The first night I stopped she slept better, still woke at 3, but not again until 5.30 which compared to waking every hour was fantastic. I didn't use the dream feed again except when I knew she'd not eaten enough during the day or was sick, and I found her to be much more settled at night. She's 10 months now...still not a great sleeper. I know this doesn't work for all babies, her twin sister was the opposite - took me a long long time to drop the dream feed, but she'd sleep all night.
    The only other suggestion would be to wake him fully at dreamfeed time and play with him for 30 - 45 mins and then put him back to bed. He should be more tired and may sleep better.

    Good luck and hang in there :o)

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