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    Mastitis to me is the worst thing about having babies! I get it every time. If you do have it, (and it's so easy to know as the symptoms are a dead giveaway, you feel like death, have a fever etc) you need to get onto antibiotics straight away or you could end up with breast abcesses and that normally (always?) requires surgery.

    I just had very bad mastitis and had to take two lots of antibiotics and have a lactation consultant come to massage the infected breast which had ducts that were so blocked no milk was coming out. Anyway, it's all better now and we're still breastfeeding. I think it came about after two bad nights in a row where i fed lying down but was so tired i didn't get the baby latched on right. My advice, pay particular attention to latch when tired!

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    I had fever of 39 last night, took panadol and i'm okay now, no more fever nor flu symptoms.

    Should i still see a GP for anti-biotic? or it will go off by itself? been nursing non-stop with heat compress, so far, better now. Not so sore breast, but i felt the lump now. Is there also a need to see a consultant for her to massage the breast or will the lump also goes off with frequent nursing? I had a bad experienced with one of the famous consultant with my first born, she massaged it hard that i end up pumping milk with blood! that was horrible. Wanfamily, yes, i'll get the contact if it's recommended by your doctor.

    Aussiegal, you are right, i slept for 4 hours(2 hours each time) total one night and had this mastitis day after. I know i was so tired that baby just latch incorrectly so i had the sore nipples.

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    If you need pain relief, ibuprofen is better for mastitis/blocked ducts. It's an anti inflammatory so it can reduce the inflammation in the breast and help to un-block things. And it doesn't go into the milk either. That's the first "over the counter" thing you should use even before you go to the doctor. But with the fever and everything else, I think you should go see a doc and possibly get antibiotics!! See what they say at least. It can't hurt!!

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