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    when is a good time to start discipline?
    how do you discipline your child, time out?
    any good books or classes to attend?
    please share. thanks.

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    Just read Baby Whisperer for toddlers, Contented little toddler (Gina Ford) and Toddler Taming by Christoper Green. As you will probably guess we have hit 21 months and my little one is asserting her personality! No huge problems, but thought I'd like to read what the currect crop of books advise.

    Personally, I think I'll take a little bit from all of them and adapt to our situation - of the three I liked Toddler Taming the best in terms of discipline and Gina Ford for good schedules/routines.

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    1) about a year for some things, but it really depends on the child's personality
    2) time out usually, but occasionally removing toys etc.
    3) nope, just used my own experience/common sense

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