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feeling blah....

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    Bumps Guest

    plumtree, it is a good suggestion to go for a run - exercise increases the level of serotonin in the brain. I have felt really down before and was hospitalised for depression on a number of occasions - not nice and I'm really cautious of triggers now.
    One thing that makes me feel great is making care packages for my loved ones back home. It makes me happy to think I am making them happy.

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    carang's Avatar
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    Sai Kung

    thanks for the suggestion, however, with hip problems... running is out of the question.

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    dimsum mum is offline Registered User
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    hi cara
    i often feel exactly like you do when returning from a vacation.

    you are grateful for your many blessings, that is obvious.

    returning to "the groove" for me is tough, and i find that time is the only thing that makes it better. keeping busy helps for me.

    i hope this passes soon.

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    Hi Carang, dont worry i think all of us ladies have felt that way at some point in time....Im actually feeling that way also but Im also pregnant with my first baby and Im sure that my hormons are not helping me either. I had to leave my job because of all the problems ive been having with my pregnancy, so the days seem like they last forever......just hang in there things will look up. I find that everytime I go home to Canada for a visit I feel sad also, but you can look at it this way I think right now with the economey situation that we are better off in Hong Kong right now anyway.

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    spockey is offline Registered User
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    Hi Cara

    Blah... is an annual norm for me this time of the year... summer holidays are just round the corner, leaving HK for home soon, seeing friends and family or at least some quality time with the family without an email interruption. Then, coming home from a great vacation where family support was just great! I'm blah for about a month or so.

    Totally get that feeling.

    Cheer up... you're not alone (as evident from the number of posters)

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    HK2008 is offline Registered User
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    Welcome back, Cara. Been missing your posts(full of helpful tips) even you did manage to reply a couple of times while you were in Canada.

    I think I understand you. I was wondering the same things the other day. Who can tell us that you are absolutely happy? I feel that there is always something missing with everyone's life...Those who are lucky enough to have a job and doing what they enjoy doing at the same time is really a big bonus; on the other hand, they might be craving for more free time with their family or go travelling around the world; those who stay at home all day long like myself really want to get out and have a job and feel normal again; some needs more money; some needs more time...the list just goes on. Those who have got them all...feel lonely or empty sometimes...You just don't know what you want in life.

    I kinda agree with aussiegal that it's probably because of being in HK in general that is causing this. Me for instance, I don't know how long we are gonna be here. That can be very hard as I don't know how to set my and my family's goals. The limited space on top of a great number of people can be overwelming sometimes, too! I don't feel that I belong here yet somehow we have to be here, for a while at least...So I've been trying to fit in by learning Cantonese and also trying to make the best of being in HK...

    Sorry for not being able to help you out as you can see, I have many problems of my own too...Sometimes I just think probably it's best not to think too much at all...

    My apologies if I had sounded pretty negative and discouraging...

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