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what do you miss about home?

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    Frenchy is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2007
    Ap Lei Chau

    - family and friends
    - some nice terrass with no cars around
    - cheaper meat and cheeses
    - thousands of different yogourts
    - public schools for westerners
    - crusty bread
    - walking freely with a dog in a park

    but what i don't miss from home is that everything is closed on sundays and early in the afternoon... It's so easy so do some shopping here, and get Internet delivery, and all the free books like The list or HK Magazine...

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    Bumps Guest

    My Niece and Nephew
    The rest of my family
    My Mum's cooking, her smile and her sense of fun
    Family gatherings
    The smell of flowers when a breeze blows
    When people smile and say hello and they are strangers
    The sound of kookaburras

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    RSK is offline Registered User
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    May 2008

    The most I miss is my mom's food and the fact that our parents are not here to watch their grand daughter grow and see her day to day developments and changes. Rest everything, i really don't mind the change.

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    Little Monster is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2009
    Hong Kong South

    Hong kong is my home. But I do miss the university life in the States:

    1. Cosco
    2. Walmart
    3. Ease of driving around to the other states or even to Canada
    4. Open space
    5. Fresh air
    6. Fresh pretzel
    7. Carl's Junior burger
    8. Drive thru McDonald's, Bank, etc
    9. Huge parking space and free
    10. SNOW

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    babymommy2 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2008

    These lists are making me so sad! My husband has been talking lately about living there. I've always thought of Hk as a nice place to visit, a bad place to live, especially with children. So many people are listing things that are so basic: clean air, grass, safe food, free schooling. That is so so sad!

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    radicalmum's Avatar
    radicalmum is offline Registered User
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    May 2008
    fortress hill

    Haha... nice thread!

    - the short enjoyable walks/strolls down the streets..
    - the smiles and the "hi"
    - having nice, non-culturally challenged conversations with my beloved friends and family (mainly to express: no fears of being misunderstood)
    - the live bands in outdoor areas...
    - the lowered standard of living.. but better standard of living and lifestyle (housing mainly)..
    - the weather...the greenery and the air quality
    - the talkative and entertaining taxi drivers but courtesy and safe at the same time..
    - affordable, very decent and reliable medical care
    - affordable and standardized education system
    - baby and family friendly places to go and activities
    - well maintained public pools
    - clean, safe and well maintained buildings
    - much more "smoke free", since being a mum, found that it's a real good idea to have more outdoors/public areas banned from smoking.

    mostly, really missed "being myself"... in a place where we are brought up to be part of.. the whole culture is tailored made for us(or vice versa) once upon a time before we bid our heartland goodbye to seek an fruitful life experience overseas.. but... please don't misunderstood... i'm don't hate anything here, just felt therapeutic to share it out loud since this thread certainly pulls my heartstrings.. :)


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    aussiegal is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by babymommy2 View Post
    So many people are listing things that are so basic: clean air, grass, safe food, free schooling. That is so so sad!
    I know, isn't it sad! It's weird how things that really should be a given aren't over here. I spoke to a local friend of mine about pollution and what locals think and she said they're so used to the pollution they don't even think about it. The grass thing is another thing that really really bothers me. Any grass here is actually cordoned off so no one can use it. Crazy.

    I really hope three years will be our max here! There's so much to love about HK but I'm realising that some of the things I thought I could do without for a few years are actually non-negotiables.

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sai Kung

    Some of the things I miss only Aussie's will understand.

    1 Triple J radio. (yes I know I can listen on the internet, but I want it in the car).
    2 Good live music in a pub, plus Falls Festival , Homebake, Big Day Out.
    3 Being able to watch AFL live.
    4 Good supermarkets.
    5 Friends and family.
    6 People that say excuse me and thank you.

    BUT... If I left HK i'd miss...

    1 Having so many great mum friends who also don't work, that I can hang out with.
    2 Being able to go out any night you want on the spur of the moment because I have a fantastic helper to look after my kids.
    3 Other friends who can go out on the spur of the moment because they too have great helpers.
    4 Well, my fantasticc helper for every reason really.
    5 Being able to travel to amazing destinations for a quick few days break.
    6 Cheap taxi's that you don't have to wait hours for.
    7 My children having the oportunity to be friends with people from all over the world ( and me too ).
    8 My friends.

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