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Need help with insurance coverage

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    Red face Need help with insurance coverage

    Hello Everyone,

    My husband and I are actively trying and hope to be pregnant within this month. What worries me is that we don't have insurance as of yet and was told we might be too late. I would very much like to go with the private system, however, am well aware of how much it cost. Don't know if we can bear the cost without insurance coverage.
    Can anyone tell me if there's an insurance company that I can go with and not have to wait for the 10-12 month time line, should I end up pregnant this month.

    Hope it's not too late and there is another option to seek asides from going public. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Khuynh

    I'm sorry I can't help you on this question as I do not know of any insurance that would not make you sit a waiting period before paying for maternity benefits.

    My assumption is that the insurance companies will not want to pay out on your claims during that year as they are likely to exceed the value of your premium. The waiting period ensures they get at least 2 years worth of premiums from you which offsets your claims on them.

    Even if you don't get private insurance, please remember that private isn't the only way to go - if you read these boards, you will see lots of women have been very happy with their experience in the public hospitals and, for a small percentage of the cost of going private, you could also hire a doula to assist you in the labour? You could also split the care - private with your preferred OB for some of the prenatal care (ie the big scans etc) and public for the delivery etc.

    Just something to think about.

    I hope everything works out well for you and your family! Good luck :)

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    there would be no insurance company in their right mind that wouldn't make you wait... otherwise, everyone would do it, right? how else are they going to make any $$$? that is what insurance companies are in it for after all.

    don't know why you don't want public. it is definitely no frills, but if anything goes wrong up at hotel matilda, they will ship you down to queen mary anyway. might as well save yourself $100,000 and just go public. imagine the family vacation, the expensive photo sessions, the school fees you could pay with what you are saving!

    (just trying to put a positive spin on it!)

    good luck!

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