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baby food worse than junk food?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carang View Post

    Heinz defended its Farley's rusks as an "ideal weaning food for babies from around four months".
    This really annoys me.

    It is in direct contrast to the WHO recommendations that babies be exclusively BF (not even water) for 6 mnths.

    My son is 15.5 mnths old and he does not have juice. He has no need for it. Juice is just empty calories.

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    Oh scary!!
    totally agree with city jammer. Making your own baby food is not difficult and you can prepare a bundle and put them in the freezer. I don't do seasoning and it's quite tasty already. At least you'll be rest assured!

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    Luckily, my baby didn't like the baby food at all. I tried to taste it myself, and I didn't like it neither. What I did was to follow their ingredients and made my own baby food for my baby. It was super easy, you just need to get yourself a blender, and I did it for my baby for each meal, so no storage issue for me.
    so, my baby grew up with zero preservative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by City Jammer View Post
    Actually, it doesn't take a lot of time or effort to make your own fresh baby food. I buy fresh veggies and fruits and boil/steam them before I put them in the grinder to make purees. Even with rice cereal, I use only a teaspoon of Earth's Best while mixing it with the brown rice powder that I grinded and cooked myself. You can easily freeze the rice powder in the freezer. One cup of rice goes a long way. You won't have to worry the food quality if you prepare it yourself.
    I'm with this girl - seriously, esp. with a helper there's a lot to be said for batch making purees / dinners, if you're weaning just freeze in ice cube trays - you can then mix and match when defrosting - easy peasy!!!

    Get a copy of Annabel Karmel if you can find one, she'll take you through the stages of weaning and you won't need to touch a jar - she also does great recipes for alternative biccies, carrot cakes, muffins etc - I also have a fab recipe for Banana Cake for those icle ones with a sweet snack tooth!!

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    Annabel Karmel is the way to go. We used her books too.

    Have a look at ShopinHK.Com. We have quite a good selection of her books for sale

    annabel karmel | Books | DVDs | Toys | CDs on Hong Kong Online Shopping

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    Super baby food by ruth yaron is very good too.

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    None of this surprises me. But, I think we have to consider this in perspective--at least for me--my toddler son has had a few jarred baby foods in his life but that wasn't the norm--we used them on family holidays or once in awhile for convenience--and in the whole range of things, even if some of them had a bit too much sugar or saturated fat in them, it doesn't really affect him long-term. Overall, he eats what we eat and as we eat well-rounded, low-sugar, low-saturated fat foods, he eats quite healthily.

    I think every parent should do his or her research and find out exactly what is in the products they feed their small children. We definitely should not just believe, sight-unseen whatever companies tell us in their marketing--and that goes for any product out there but especially when it comes to baby products.

    There have been many times in HK when I've picked up a product at the grocery store (even a product especially for babies) and thought, "This looks like something good" only to turn it over and look at the list of ingredients and find a load of preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, a lot of sugar and salt or just things that simply aren't going to do my baby's body any good. So, that product went right back on the shelf.

    However, in the past when we did use jarred foods once in awhile almost always they were organic foods with no added sugar or salt and most of the time they were vegetables.

    When it comes to juice, the way I was raised, we didn't drink juice or soda or anything besides water regularly (as a child I could count on one hand the number of times I had soda in a year).

    Juice, in itself, whether it is fresh-squeezed with no sugar added or bottled is very acidic and hard on delicate baby teeth. Once in awhile if our family is having orange or grape juice with dinner I will dilute a tablespoon or so into a glass of water for my son--in this way he gets the faint taste of juice but without the high-sugar impact. At this stage, the last thing I need to be doing is raising a sugar addict.

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