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Does any Doctors do home visits in HK?

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    champagne is offline Registered User
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    Hi SB2

    I just came across this and I happened to use Dr Lily's service recently, introduced by my friend. She charges very reasonable rates and the service was great. Have a look on the website there is a PDF file with prices listed.


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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    Thanks champagne - couldn't see the prices on the PDF. It said to contact them for prices (which I have done).

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    Cici is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2005

    Ok, as promised reporting back to everyone about our home visit with Dr Lily . All I can say was that it was definately money well spent (although, we didn't actually pay bcos our insurance covers doctors visits).
    Didn't want to take my 4 yr old to the hospital after the fiasco with my husband at Adventist Hospital. We had to wait for over an hour for the doctor (waiting area was full of sick people), ok- so it was 8pm at night, but felt really uncomformatable there- when we actually saw the doctor- it was a pretty fast visit, did the swine flu test- negatitive, gave us some painkillers and off we went- although the insurance covered everything we thought it was a right rip off $$$$ and time wise.ok, so got that off my chest.
    Two weeks later it was sons turn to have a fever, so called Dr Lily. Took her 45 mins to come to our hse from kowloon side and she spent an hour with me and my son, checking his history, doing the swine flu test and also looking at the meds we have at home so no need to buy any more, even helped me give the meds to my son as he usually kicks and screams (ok, so I'm a softie, my husband usually does that part, but he was away on a biz trip).
    She's definately worth $$ and much cheaper than what we had to pay at the adventist- even called me the next day to check how my son was doing.
    Thanks Rani for the info!

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