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Epidural or Drug Free Delivery?

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    newbiekt is offline Registered User
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    Keep an open mind...

    I did lots of breathing classes and practice and hoped to be fairly natural, but ended up being induced and having an epidural very early on. The epidural was great. I had a lovely 8 hours in labour and was still mobile and using a birthing ball. When they let the epi wear off at the end for the pushing it was a real shock - I found the pain almost unbearable and completely exhausting. With hindsight I would have not let it wear off quite so much and I should have asked earlier during the pushing stage (which in my case was nearly 2 hours) for a top up. My strongest advice is don't get too attached to any particular way of doing things as the whole process is unpredictable and you need to be open-minded. Of course the only thing which matters is that you and the baby are safe - not whether you had drugs, no drugs or anything else which happens.

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    fragrance_t is offline Registered User
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    evaluate your pain level first, i would use epidural if you are scared of being painful. but if you are confident that you can take it, then drug-free should be a faster delivery.

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    I agree with some of the above postings that you don't need to decide now, but be well-prepared and keep an open mind for the various options.

    I had my first baby at Adventist 2.5 years ago. I wanted to 'experience' the pain and tried not to use any pain relief when contractions began. But since I was induced the pain quickly became so frequent and intense that I had to call for an epidural after 2 hours struggle. And I must say it was so worth it. The anesthetist was very professional. The pain was soon gone but I was still totally conscious and could feel the contractions. Baby came out after 5 hours with just a few pushes. I had an episiotomy too but I didn't feel anything. It was a wonderful experience.

    I heard that with epidural, you don't feel the pain so you will be more relaxed, which helps opening up the muscles down there and would quicken the labouring process too.

    My second baby is due this Sept. I am seeing Dr. Joe Chan and will give birth in Adventist too. I will still try to go drug free again, until I can no longer bear with the pain :)

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    i am in agreement with the ladies who said don't get too attached to YOUR PLAN. once you start experiencing the pain, then you determine what is best for you.

    personally, i had an epidural. no regrets! got to the hospital at 8.30, insisted (??) on walking into the delivery "spa" and then when asked if i would like an epidural said YES PLEASE. 2.5 hrs later it wore off, 30 minutes after that i was holding my son. a great experience.
    second delivery - i was under general anaesth
    esia, so i am very very glad that i will always have that first wonderful, happy experience to remember.

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    Has anyone see the Business of Being Born? It's a really good documentary. Highly recommend it!

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    It really depends on what type of pain you can endure. When I went into labour, I could take the contraction pain because it was the dull throbbing type. However, when the doctor and nurses performed the VE, I felt the short sharp pain which I could not take. That was when I asked for the epidural!

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    monte is offline Registered User
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    I also agree with all the points about being open-minded and not too attached to the plan ... BUT I also think that if you decide you want a drug-free birth, it's important to do some reading and prep so that you are ready. I had a really lovely experience, and it was drug-free, but I know that if I hadn't done the reading, classes, and "practice" ahead of time I wouldn't have been able to do it. THe books I loved were Birthing from Within and Spiritual Midwifery --both really helped give me confidence, which I think is CRUCIAL for any kind of birth.

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