We recently moved to olympic with 2(almost 3) years old.
I am a working mom, but unable to find full-day nursery.

Need a helper/ or nanny 3-5 hours a day, dates are flexible.
** If you are available on one day on weekend, thats also welcome.

Applying for a half day nursery.(not able to hire FT helper as we be out of country this year again. Be back next year to hire FT).

You be taking care of cheerful talkative girl.
I am working home, so you will not be alone when you babysit.
Building has a clubhouse, swimming pool, and play ground.
Outdoor play ground is open, but indoor is currently closed for the swine flu prevention.

If you think you are available at least a few days a week, please contact.
We can discuss hours, and tasks.

[email protected]