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Looking for input on Chinese name

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    Looking for input on Chinese name

    My baby boy (my first) will be born this month and as he is half Chinese, we are trying to find a Chinese name for him as well as an English name.

    We have thought of a million names, but their family tradition has it that the second character be the same sound for every baby in that generation, so his cousin (the only other baby in my baby's generation on my husband's side) is named 羅進一 (English name Jake). Therefore we are slightly limited by the "jeun" sound. Our favorite thus far is 羅俊仁.

    If it makes any difference, his English name, which we are pretty set on, will be Lucas Sebastian Law and we will likely call him Lucas or 啊仁 (if that what we decide his Chinese name to be).

    From those of you who speak/read Chinese, I'd appreciate some feedback as, while my husband can explain to me meanings, I have no idea what sounds good or is a solid name in Chinese.

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    For the 2nd word, you can consider 雋 instead of 俊。 They sound exactly the same. Pretty good meaning. It means good looking, talented extraordinary and outstanding. Personally, I think 俊 is bit too common.

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