I just wanted to write this having just given birth at the adventist last week to a lovely healthy son.
Like lots of mums to be, I had read a lot of negative press about the hospital on the forum and I was very very concerned about the over booking policy. I spent lots of time telephoning my health insurance to see if they could reserve my prefered room type (twin) to no avail and went in the night before a planned C section wondering where I'd be!
The hospital was infact very quiet and there were lots of rooms available - maybe I was lucky, or maybe the other people who dont get their prefered option are just unlucky....I dont know. Anyway, I got a window bed in a twin room and on the first day and night had the whole room to myself.
The care at the hospital was outstanding. The nurses cannot do enough for you, and it was such a help being able to have my son cared for in the nursery for the first days after the operation. Whatever I needed the nurses would oblige at the ring of a bell. They are very good at encouraging BF but equally will give formula as a top up in the night if you so wish.
The food was great too - though 100% vegetarian (but so am I) and you can order 3 meals a day from a wide menu. You do not have to take anything with you and they give you a good supply of pads, nappies, wipes, night gowns and will dress your new born the whole stay, so no need to take a big bag.
So - a really positive experience and I hope if you are booked in there you will have a similiar stress free time.