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beware of cheat

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    beware of cheat

    my sis-in-law paid more than $10k for a set of Noddy story books and unlimited access to 'playgroup' organised by a company. Turned out that the 'playgroup' is only you bringing your baby there and someone just try to play with your baby. That's it. It's not the kind of playgroup that you pay more than $100+ for a class. It's not the kind. Suggest if anyone approach you in shopping mall for this sort of playgroup and story books stuffs, please check with other members and listen to others experience before joining.

    take care.

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    i would ALWAYS be sceptical of these types of things. the "disney's world of english" is such a rip-off, i can't imagine people pay over $60K for the entire set, but it does happen. i often have parents at my playgroup ask if it is a good deal... my answer... DEFINITELY NOT! think of the various activities(in english) you could enroll your child in for that kind of money! at least that way, your child is interacting with others.

    i'm very sorry that your sister feels like she got scammed. that sucks!

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