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Due January 2010

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    xxJJxxx is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2009

    Congrats to all 2010 mummies-to-be too!! Including myself..! Just been offically comfirmed with my first pregnancy last week! Not been to an OB since i have been spoilt with choices for different ones of various exp.Been reading so many threads and have yet to search for one reliable, non-rushing OB in TST. Tried calling a few but all in mailbox..

    Anyone has a list of good ones located in TST that i can try and book for an appointment by this week?

    Thanks all.

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    BertieB is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2009
    Hong Kong

    Congratulations to everyone! I am also due with my first in mid Feb and would love to get together and chat with other new-to-be mums. I only just arrived in HK a week ago, so the next few months promise to be a steep learning curve!

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    geomum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Hong Kong
    Quote Originally Posted by aussie mum View Post
    book ASAP 6 weeks isn't too early at all. when i booked at 7 weeks i could only get on the wait list for my preferred hospital (but was confirmed in the end)

    My OB told me that Matilda takes a booking only after 9 weeks have passed. Is it not ture?

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    MiniK is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2009

    Hi BabyK and Babybear
    I am also due Jan 3 2010 with our first baby.
    Hope it's all going well for you both!
    Very happy to find others in the same boat as me.

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    StargazeLilly is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2009
    Hong Kong Island

    Im due early January 2010 with our first baby.
    Hope you all are feeling well and the sickness has stopped!!!!
    Would be great to meet you guys for lunch/coffee etc.
    Do let me know who is up for meeting and we can arrange something.

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    1stimemum is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2009
    bel air

    Due jan/feb 2010? Pooling a few people...

    Due jan 2010? Pooling a few people...
    Hi all, I'm due 1st week Feb and I"ll be making a trip home to Sg soon and one one my missions is to find an experienced post natal malay massage lady. In Sg, its tradition to have a post natal lady massage you for about 1 hour and then bind in a a trad'l sarong/ bind - although the correct term is actually bengkung.

    This is not so much for relaxation as it is to help the mum recover faster better. YEs C-sect can do it too (but 3-4 wks after delivery)

    I'm trying to persuade someone to come up but will need 2-3 other mums. Cost is aprx 3,500hkd-4000 for 7 days of massage NOT INCL transport to your place.

    We will also split airfare cost or if anyone has airmiles to use- might be offset against massage cost.

    I will provide more info when I'm back in HK, after Sep 13. Pls email me if you are genuinely serious/ interested, can afford the above and also due from Jan 2010 - mid Feb. 2010

    She will only stay for 9 days so I cant help anyone due in late Feb/ mar or any other dates... sorry.


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    marie313 is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2006
    hong kong

    im due mid-march with my second. im on school holidays at the moment, but will be back at work full time at the end of august. I would love to meet up, but would need to do evenings or weekends. do any of you work too?
    i had a due-date club with my last pregnancy and it was great, and 2 1/2 years later those of us still in HK meet up and the kids are all friends.

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    Lucylou is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2008

    Hi All

    I'm due at the end of Feb with my second baby - would be great to get a group going of expecting Mums and meet for coffee/lunch etc..Had my first baby in the UK so having this one in HK is a whole new experience for me!

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