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Riding the emotional roller coaster

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    zac08 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2009
    Clearwater Bay

    Hi Sparkle

    I go to Dr. Philip Ho (he has his own clinic in Central) and I know he is known for being a fertility specialist who deals with many types of complex cases. He is patient calm knowledgeable and reassuring. If either of those doctors don't work out (I don't know anything about the 2 you named) you may want to give him a shot. His nurse Kelly is really warm and wonderful and accessible. Number is 28992293.

    Good luck!

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    AussieMum is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2008

    Hi Sparkle, just wanted to add that I too did a pregnancy test 3 days prior to my due date and it came up negative (it was one that detected pregnancy 5 days prior to your cycle). 3 days after my due date I did another one, and it came up positive. I am now 7 months pregnant. I too would recommend waiting until after your menstrual due date.
    Best of luck with it all - hope you have a positive outcome soon.

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    Sparkle is offline Registered User
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    May 2009
    Hong Kong

    It finally comes...

    Still no success in 10th cycle. Day 1 of my period.

    I keep track of all my cycles in a spreadsheet and it turns out this cycle is at par with my expectation except I ovulate on day 19, which is a bit late. Have read about late ovulation actually reduces the chance of conceiving as the egg is already past its prime when released. Is that true?

    I'm really thankful to all of you. You gals are all so supportive and help me to gather the courage to walk on. Only if I know this forum earlier that I dun have to fight this war alone for the past year or so.

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    wenyihsu is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2007

    Hi Sparkle,
    What you read can be true. However it would be hard to know unless you were monitoring it very closely with you Dr. I saw my doctor on Day12 this cycle and we did a scan of my ovary and uterus since test results from ovulation kits were all coming up negative. Anyways, everything looked like I should be ovulating soon and to ensure that we didn't let the egg get over-matured, Dr gave me a shot to ensure that the egg was released in 36 hours . Later that afternoon when I took another ovulation test, the results came back positive. Based on that and my bbt chart, it looks like I did ovulate about 1.5 days later ...

    Went to the Dr on Friday (day 28) and took a pregnancy test again. Results came back negative. Dr said my temperature is probably still high and haven't gotten my period because of the progesterone I was taking. Looks like this month was not a success. But I'm still holding on to a tiny, tiny hope ...

    During my Dr visit, we talked about the possibility of using fertility drugs to help bring chances up a little ... I think we will probably wait for another 2 months or so before we go down that route.

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