I came across a great book fair in Cityplaza today (Taikoo station). There was loads of stands with a fab english (cantonese & mandarin too) book selection. I managed to pick up some great reading books for my yr2 and also some of the maths & english workbooks to keep on top of things whilst he's not at school (newbies to HK so no school til yr2!)

They all had Usborne / DKpub / Disney / High School Musical / Hannah Montana / Recipe books / workbooks / dinosaurs... you name it... etc etc at very reasonable prices!

I'm not sure when it runs til but I was there late tonight and they were only covering the stalls up not putting things away so I guess early next week.

Happy reading!

ps - If anyone's popping over early tomorrow morning or on Monday then let me know and I'd love to join you for a coffee (ulterior motives with this post!!!)