Hello everyone --

I've been looking for a training mug for my 14-month old. He never learnt to drink from a spout or straw cup. He's been using this Combi step 4 training mug (http://www.bebedream.com.hk/souce/pr...asp?refno=129#), which is like an open cup but has a controller to control the flow amount. The problem with this Combi cup, though, is that it's leaking awfully when we go out with even just a little water in it, though it claims to have a leakage proof lid.

I've been looking for a similar training mug and found this Aprica one (Wingonet.com). If anyone has used it, could you let me know whether it's also leaking when you travel with it with water inside? Or is there another non-spout, non-straw cup that you could recommend?

Thanks a lot!