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Sucking me dry - should he start solids?

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009

    I think if he's grabbing at your food he's ready--when I tried at 5 months with my boy he wasn't even to the grabbing stage yet--by 6 months he was and that's when eating began in earnest. If he can pick something up and put it in his mouth, give it a try--but instead of putting it off for a few more days, why not just prepare a bit--it's better to have a plan anyway of how you're going to do it--what you're going to make and how you are going to approach it--it sounds like you're maybe a bit of afraid that feeding him solid food signals the end of breastfeeding or something or that you should hold off "for numbers' sake" to line up with what the books say--from the ladies here you'll hear that even 4.5 months is okay if the baby is ready. Feeding solids doesn't mean your baby is not going to want to breastfeed anymore--it can be a fun adventure and may just make you both happier. I don't know, some moms want to try to keep their babies as young as they can as long as they can (which is understandable), if that makes sense. I guess I was just the opposite--I warmly greeted the day when my son could eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner of solids.

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    megan2008 is offline Registered User
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    sheung shui

    One more thing.... he might be teething. My daughter started teething and did the same thing around that age. You can kind of feel them if you rub the lower gums. Just a thought

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    Listen to your baby, not the guidelines. My 2nd daughter was a gorgeously fat breastfed baby. I took her to Annerly midwives at 5 months for a baby check. They asked me if she was on solids yet and when I said no, they said to look for the signs that she was ready, as she would be soon. She started solids a few weeks later. Annerly are very pre-breastfeeding, but still made this observation before 6 months.

    I believe in following your baby's signs, not what is right for most babies. Your baby isn't most baby, he is an individual. Also, the solids recommendations seem to change every few years. They were 4 months, then 6, now some are back to 4. I say ignore them and follow what your child needs.

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    After another restless night of feeding I decided for both of our sakes to just try the solids and...
    HE LOVED IT!!!
    I bought some brown rice cereal (My Organic Baby brand)and mixed it with my breastmilk and he was really eager for it. He was opening his mouth for it, rolling it around and even managed to swallow some of it. When he was done he let me know and then we followed up with a long nursing session and he is finally sleeping. I'm very pleased.
    I'm glad I listened to my baby instead of the guidelines. Thanks for everyone's support.

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    Sham Tseng

    Great! Good to read! As you said, those are just guidelines.

    First tastes

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