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ICSI in Macau/HK

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    Question ICSI in Macau/HK

    Hi Everyone. My 2nd attempt at IVF/ICSI has unfortunately resulted in no baby luck. It is absolutely heartbreaking. I was travelling to Australia for my procedures, but since we currently live and work in Macau, we are now seeking treatment in Macau/HK. Does anyone have any recommendations? I understand Dr. Philip Ho is well known in his field and travels to Macau weekly to Southside Medical Centre. Any advice you girls can provide would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Bubbie

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    hi bubbie
    i used dr philip ho and our cycle resulted in a "take home baby". i was impressed by his knowledge and by the lab at hk sanitorium.

    we also needed icsi, and although eggs that are fertilised by icsi tend to have a lower survival rate by day 2, our rates were very high. i credit that to the embryologist at hksan.

    with icsi, the lab is what counts. i would recommend you and your partner come to hk and do icsi at hk sanitorium, and getting all the lead up (bloodwork, ultrasounds) in macau. GOOD LUCK.

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