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Your experiences of Pokfulam pre-schools

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    Your experiences of Pokfulam pre-schools

    Hi there,

    We're about to move to Bel Air and I would really appreciate some advice on Pokfulam pre-schools.

    I think my daughter (just turning 3) would enjoy the Montessori approach, but there are no Montessori pre-schools in the area. Are there any Montessori schools in other districts that are accessible from Pokfulam? She'd be attending for only half day sessions so the commute couldn't be too long.

    I would also love to hear about people's experiences (or rather their children's epxeriences), at Woodlands, Sunshine House and the ESF school at Sheung Wan. I"m concerned about large class sizes and rigid learning structures - neither of which would particularly suit my daughter who thrives on individual attention and in smaller social groups, and much prefers to do her own thing (who doesn't?!).

    Also I'm interested to learn about the demographics at those pre-schools - are either of them dominated by children from a certain country, and do most children speak English as a first or second language?

    Many thanks indeed for your advice, Sarah

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    I live in Bel-Air and take my daughter to the Woodlands Montessori in Repulse Bay. She is younger than your daughter so is still in a parent attended class so i can't comment about class sizes. They run English classes, Mandarin classes and bi-lingual classes. I have also seen a mini-bus that picks them up and drops them back to Bel-Air.

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    I can't comment specifically on Sunshine House in Pokfulam, but I have decided not to take up the offer of a place at the Peak branch in September because I am concerned that the structure is too rigid to suit my son. Basically, their day is broken down into 15 minute segments, eg free play, Mandarin, circle time, outdoor free play, snack time, etc. I recall from my tour of the ESF in Sheung Wan that there is lots of free play time.

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    There's also a new Woodlands school opening this August in Aberdeen. Not sure if they'll have a Montessori class, but its worth looking into.

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