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Transport Links Sai Kung

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    Transport Links Sai Kung

    Hi all,

    We're pondering an extended trip to HK for a few months in Jan/Feb next year with a view to making a possible more permanent move in the future...

    We have 2 kids who will be 2 and 8 months old... husband works from home so no transport issues.

    We're not sure where to base ourselves... I am a bit worried about being overly cramped if we stay centrally but am also concerned that without a car we'd be isolated out in Sai Kung...

    Without a car how easy is it to get around from Sai Kung?

    Is it possible to rent a Village House for a short period of time, say 2 months?

    How easy is it to rent a car/ drive in Hong Kong on a British License?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!


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    Sai Kung

    a few things to consider:
    1) i've never known/heard of village houses to rent for such a short period of time (at least not in sai kung)

    2)sai kung is a 15 minute minibus ride away from the nearest mtr station, then you need to add mtr travel time to your destination

    3)no problem for renting a car in hk on a british licence HOWEVER.... i lived here for 12 years before i started driving here. i cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to drive here immediately upon arrival. the signage is abyssmal. there are virtually no street signs in places that you can see them. often the only indication of which lane is turning is painted on the road so that if it is busy, you have no idea which lane you need to be in. there are places that you have (literally) 25 feet to change lanes and if you miss it, too bad, you are on your way somewhere else entirely!

    if you are coming for 2 months, i would look at various hotels to see if they can offer you a package deal, or at a serviced suite. it may be more expensive, but some of the hotels/service suites will also have access to a pool/gym etc.

    otherwise, you can look at lantau island. they have "holiday homes" that you can rent for short periods of time.

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    Thanks so much - might be that we look elsewhere for the 2 month trip and explore our options when we get there... will look at lantau now. Helen

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