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HK: 14 days no school: Day #01 - what to do today

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    HK: 14 days no school: Day #01 - what to do today

    Hello everyone,

    just wondering if we can start a thread with "WHAT DID YOU/ YOUR CHILDREN DO TODAY!?" so maybe we can share some ideas.

    Here is what we did so far and what are our plans for the rest of the day:

    1) Do some school homework
    2) Have our neighbor kids visiting us
    and later after lunch and nap:
    3) Playground - Maybe??? or play with play dough
    4) TV

    Thank you!

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    Good idea.

    1. We did homework, which took all of 5 mins
    2. Played computer games
    3. Ran my errands in Central (which he didn't enjoy)
    4. Lunch with neighbours and play
    5. More computer games /tv

    Hope the sun comes out soon, and we can go swimming :)

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    Went to Lamma island on 8:30 am ferry (normal time that child would have gone to school!) walked around got wet in the rain, had a bite to eat and came back by 12.30 (normal time child would have come back!). Insisted that child nap in afternoon as just needed break and will institute regime of Adult Dinner for 14 days (where we all eat together) - ie: after dear hubby gets back so that he can then entertain child from 6.30 - 8.30 pm as obviously child will now not sleep at 7 pm. Think this way then I will get break during day and hubby can deal with cranky evenings! Apparently going to rain solid for next 3 days so now plan to go for walk in neighbourhood and to playground.

    Thank you for starting this thread PLEASE let's keep the ideas coming!

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