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Need Help/Advice for Flying with 1 Year Old

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    Hong Kong

    The Wheels of the Bus and now the firm favourite is Pingu.

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    Hello megan2008,

    Just like southside852, we used the Ergo baby carrier on board to settle down our kid too. However, lately we have been using the Carry-B baby carrier since we found it much more lightweight and that it could really squeeze into the hand luggage! As for food, you can ask the air stewardess for cubes of cheese and some crackers. I guess you have to check directly with the airline company. Cathay Pacific is very good. Oh, and don't forget the pacifier... sucking it can get rid of the pressure in the ears so (hopefully) there won't be any screaming and crying! Bon voyage!

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    When my son was one-year-old we took a really long 20+ hours flight from North America to Hong Kong. At that time he was just becoming interested in Elmo. However, I did not have a personal DVD player so that was not an option for the plane and actually, Elmo only held his attention for 5-10 minutes anyway--which doesn't make a huge impact on such a long journey.

    All of the answers to your questions probably lie in your own understanding of your own baby. If your baby is a peaceful and docile, just bringing along the normal things (favorite toys, blanket, snacks) will be enough to see them through the flight.

    If you have a super energetic baby you have to plan ahead more. And only you know for sure what things keep your baby entertained. The things that keep them entertained in everyday life will probably be the same things that keep them entertained on a plane ride.

    And no matter how much you plan it may still end up being a bit of a melt down--especially with an energetic baby. There were times when I had to just take my baby on laps around the plane, much to the chagrin of the other passengers who were trying to sleep while he was walking around, talking away and swiping at their seat trays.

    My tip is just to try to make the environment where you sit as comfortable as possible. Pack snacks on the plane. Pack new, interesting toys and gadgets on the plane--once your baby gets bored with something, bring out a toy or interesting object he or she has never seen before (it could even be a plastic kitchen utensil--whatever). The airlines, of course provide food but there is no guarantee that you'll get a meal specially designed for baby--every airline is different--so call your airline ahead of time and check. If not, the best bet is to bring your own food for your baby and then if there happens to be some fruit or something else baby can have and that you want to feed on the plane menu, of course you can feed that.

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