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New to HK: Need guidance for French baby nursery/kindergarten 1

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    Sham Tseng

    New to HK: Need guidance for French baby nursery/kindergarten 1

    Does Anyone know Anything about French Kindergarten in Hong Kong??????
    Wheter you have sent your child or just heard of it? What's your comment?

    And even IF you have NO COMMENT, can you tell me anything about international/best schools in Hong Kong? I have visited many websites, but, now, I'd rather hear about experienced mums!!!!...

    Merci d'avance pour votre Eclairage...

    A Mum.

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    There is a french kindergarten in Sheung Wan

    Here is an earlier thread discussing the subject . Hope u find it helpful

    Feedback on French kindergarten in HKG?

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    You sound very frustrated, and I can understand why as the school thing would have to be one of the hardest things to organise in a move. At least this has been my experience.

    I can not help regarding French School but hopefully the Geo network will be able to assist. Have you tried posting in the GeoKids education section also? Maybe someone in the older part of the school is on there and can answer your question.

    Regarding comments about international schools in general. Have you looked at the SCMP "Good Schools Guide" which came out recently (last week or this week - can't remember which one)?

    I think it is hard to say which school is "Good" as you need to assess the school against what your child will get out of it and what you are looking for in education.

    Here is my list of questions/things to consider when looking at schools:
    * Are good values supported, ie honesty, integrity, respect, etc
    * What kind of opportunity/support do they have for high achievers to be encouraged?
    * Do they have good curriculum on offer? (what is it? for example some use Montessori, Emilia Reggio, IB and so on...)
    * What kind of extra-curricular program/s are on offer? (ie, your child is likely to go to the school for 6 years+ so what do they offer 12 year olds?)
    * Are they co-ed? Is that what you want?
    * What is the bully policy? (Do they have one? How do they deal with the bully? Victim?).

    I hope these help.

    Finally, once you have seen the school - go with your gut feel as I found that even if the school was scoring high with my criteria (or 'ranked' highly by someone such as SCMP), at the end of the day it also has a lot to do with the teachers I speak to and what they were like.

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    I would add another question:

    • What kind of opportunity/support do they have for children who are having difficulties?

    As it can be hard to know if your child is going to have learning difficulties later on. Also how they handle such children tells you a lot about a school.


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    The only French "maternelle" you can find in HK is in Sheung Wan, you can contact the French International School to have more information.
    Personnally, I've registered my son in a Woodland Preschool and if we are still there next year, he will start kindergarden there.
    You can also have a look at the Montessori kindergardens as they have an international environment.

    If you are looking to spend some time with a French group to make sure your kids talk with other french people, you can contact HK Accueil.

    Bonne chance !

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    Sham Tseng

    Does paying more means better education/future

    Thanks to ALL of your replies. Sending a child to school is a very very challenging and confusing duty here in Hong Kong. I've found the School's Guide very helpful.

    I have visited HK acceuil website, thank you (they organize 'Outings' twice a month!) Have you already taken part?

    Education is real good business. I am surprised! But it seems like we have to do with it!?? That's a good question: DOES PAYING MORE MEANS BETTER EDUCATION/FUTURE for our child?? I used to think that it depends on the child, his motivation to learn. But now that I am seeing so many different High and Low fees then I wonder if I was right!?

    Anyways............ I keep on searching and feel free to enlighten MUM....

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