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Substituting Milk in recipes

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    Substituting Milk in recipes

    Anyone know what I can use instead of milk in cake or cupcake recipes? The son of my good friend is going to turn 3 but he is allergic to dairy products, I really want to make him a cake for his birthday but am not sure what I can use to do it. He is ok with butter, just no milk, cream or yoghurt.

    If anyone has any good recipes, please let me know. THanks so much!

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    Can he have soya milk? Works fine instead of cow's milk in recipes (or maybe even try rice milk? Never used it in recipes so not sure if it would work, you might have to experiment).

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    I've used the thicker (long life) soy milks in baking before and they've been fine. Sometimes a little apple juice in the mix helps sweeten the milk a tiny bit and keep things moist - or you can add a tiny bit of oil to moisten - the soy milk generally has less fat that normal milk so cakes can dry out a little bit.
    Otherwise, it's a good substitute.

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