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working in HK with baby

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    working in HK with baby

    I am just trying to do a bit of research before we potentially move to HK. I currently live in Tokyo and hate the fact that work here is pretty limited for non japanese speakers(english teaching or nothing), this is one of the main reasons we plan to leave.

    I get the impression that things are generally OK in HK for expats with no chinese (if you ignore the economic crisis!) but was wondering what is it like in terms of working with kids. I am currently planning on getting pregnant so potentially would be moving with either a bump or baby. Everyone seems to have helpers, so I am guessing that mums tend to work? Are there lots of part time jobs/flexible working - I have no idea whether I will want to work if I have a baby but at the moment I haven't worked for 2 years and would love a job! (strange I know!).

    Any advice would be great


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    it's funny that you assume mums work since many have helpers, but actually i think it's 50/50. Many do not work even though they have help. having a helper is very much a part of the HK culture primarily b/c it's so affortable compared to have 24/7 help in other countries. i know that we definitely could not afford our helper if we lived in London or in the States. I think you'll find lots of opportunities in HK for work depending on your interests, background and language abilities. It's very diverse here and there seems to be something for everyone. it's just a matter of looking.

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    agree with above however from my experience HK is well behind with respect to flexible working hours and job sharing and that type of thing. possibly industry specific. I am in the Investment Banking field and compared to London (where i was previously as a working mum) there is really nothing here that I have come across that is not long hours 5 days a week - the economic crisis has made it even worse of course.

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    It would certainly depend on what kind of job you are looking for, but I think for jobs in finance or law (which of course are some of the jobs a lot of expats come to HK to do), it would be extremely difficult to find flexible working hours - and not just because of the lack of opportunities; I think the work ethic in HK is really beyond what I've experienced elsewhere. Of course, I've also found that it's not exactly working efficiently...just a lot of TIME at work. My coworkers and I have a theory about this - we think because a lot of adults live with their parents until they are married, and because apartments here are just SO small, it's actually more enjoyable to spend long hours in a well air-conditioned, relatively spacious office with internet access after hours rather than go home. Just a theory, of course. :)

    For jobs at companies, I think I've heard they are populated by mostly locals, so even if you were hired you might not immediately be able to break into the social scene with your coworkers, if that was what you were looking for. But definitely get out there and look, because there are always exceptions! Good luck!

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