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What would you do? Public vs. Private dilemma

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    beckveldman is offline Registered User
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    Hi again,

    You can request a private tour of Matilda's maternity facilities anytime, and if you ask in advance when you book your appointment (and remind them when you get there) you can usually also see the Special Care Nursery.

    I'll warn you, it's pretty small! But it does show that they have all the monitoring equipment that you would have been used to in Level One SCBU back home, and they are equipped to do NG feeding and phototherapy, and they have isolettes.

    Anyhow, I am sure that Lucy will be a mine of information for you. She was prepared to deliver my second child from 34 weeks onwards at Matilda, absolutely no qualms (and being a potentially second time prem Mum, I was confident that although the SCBU was small, I had learned the ropes of what a smaller baby should need in their first few weeks and would know what to ask for!)

    I'm glad the info helped. I know that understanding the structure of "NICU" and the different phases of nursery care through long chats with the staff during our stay with our first child helped me to make informed and confident choices when we were expecting our second. (Actually, for the record, if she had at any stage looked like coming at or before 32 weeks, we would have gone to Australia again! Anything later I knew Matilda, and my baby, would cope just fine.) Every situation is different, and I had the advantage that my complications in pregnancy are able to be monitored and the end point guessed reasonably accurately, giving us time to make a "here or there" decision.

    All prems are different! My 2lb 13oz boy had the benefit of me getting steroid shots in the days leading up to delivery, so he just required an oxygen mask for a few hours to get his sats up while they watched over him in NICU. If NICU hadn't been so in demand at this hospital (due to taking retrievals of much younger infants from all over the state), he probably would have stayed there for a few days just due to his small size for monitoring - but he was stable and doing well and they needed that NICU cot for another. Honestly HDU (Level Two) doesn't look much different from full NICU, and when they are in the same physical nursery rather than next door to each other you'd barely recognise the difference. It's usually about staffing ratios (NICU in our hospital had one specialist nurse looking after two babies only, on 12 hour shifts for continuity of care; HDU had 1:4 on 8 hour shifts), and ventilated babes or those immediately post-surgeries were in NICU. HDU had plenty of babes on c-pap, under lights, most were NG fed etc.

    During our last two weeks in Level One SCBU (he graduated to that nursery when he made 3.5 pounds and could hold his own temperature therefore come out of the isolette into an open crib with hot water mattress), we saw a few "long-termers" like our son who had been promoted through the nurseries, but mostly newborns who came straight to Level One after birth around the 33 - 35 week mark who just needed a help getting to full suck-feeding and a little monitoring (lots of twins, and one 11 pounder I'll never forget!! He was jaundiced and needed lights for a few days, but compared to the little ones he looked about 4 months old!!) I remember the nurses affectionately terming SCBU the "Fat Farm" - i.e. babies mostly needing to get a little bigger and get the feeding thing sorted.

    Anyhow, just rambling, but wishing you a long, healthy and close to full-term pregnancy.

    Congratulations on your oustanding breastfeeding experience with your son given a rough start! I'm still BF my daughter at 19 months, my prem son fed that long too :-)

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    beckveldman - I just noticed that you are located in Discovery Bay. We are moving out there at the end of Aug...perhaps we can get together and chat? My boys are 3.5 years and nearly 2. We will be living on Seahorse. :) Moving from a serviced apartment in TST.

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    The question I would ask yourself is, If you where to have a preterm or god forbid if anything to go wrong with your pregnancy, would you want to be travelling from Matlida or Canossa possible in traffic to the QMH?
    The QMH only charges $100 per night inclusive of all surgery ect.
    Yes you will be a lot comfortable at the private hospital but why take the chance of paying more and taking the change of complications?

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