My husband, baby and I have recently moved to Hong Kong from the States. Before we arrived in HK, we stocked up on a lot of milk formula in the States - Nestle Good Start Supreme - Natural Cultures (for 0-12 months). And we brought these cans of formula by plane from the States to HK.

However, my baby has outgrown the formula for 0-12 months. We have 11 cans; and are selling them in HK at HKD200 per can. Each can contains bifidus BL, DHA & ARA. It is the only formula that contains the beneficial probiotic cultures Bifidus BL, like those naturally promoted by breastmilk. Net weight per can is 1.5 lb or 680g. Expiration date is Jan 23, 2010.

If anyone is interested, please email me at [email protected] and arrange date/time for pick-up.