I am seriously considering sending my daughter to IMS. She was interviewed in mid-April and was offered a space in the "afternoon" class. I questioned IMS' staff over the phone as I have NEVER heard of them having an afternoon session. After some persistent questioning, they admitted that there are only TWO students in the afternoon session and that they only offer this type of arrangements to parents who REALLY want to send their kids to their school when they don't have any more morning openings. I presume this afternoon session means going to school with the older kids who go for a full day.

Naturally, I turned down the offer and asked to be put on the waiting list. I am very confident of my daughter's performance at the interview. She has been going to a truly Montessori learning center since last October, 5 days a week (not the playgroup type which they put in a lot of other elements). I could tell that among the 4 or 5 kids in the interview, my daughter was the best (not because she is smarter, but because she has been in the system for half a year which should naturally give her some advantage.) Of course there are other groups, but how many people actually have been in the system?

Anyway, I have also started hearing more negative comments on the school lately - mostly about how the school is obviously out to make more money instead of caring for the child's need. Also, there has been some concerns about IMS graduates being accepted to other IS primary schools. Anybody knows the current situation of IMS?