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Question about NAN HA

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    Question about NAN HA

    hi all, have a question re: NAN HA milk powder. my baby has eczema (& we have family history of allergies) so our doctor recommended NAN HA after i stopped breastfeeding her. these days, she's been refusing the milk (maybe because it's bitter?)... i took her for an allergy test last week & luckily she is not allergic to milk. thus, i would like to change to another brand eg. japanese, s26, enfamil a+ & ones which is "fatter" as she is underweight. however, i've been reading up on some of the comments here & it seems NAN HA can help decrease/prevent allergies. doctor is ok switch though... so as you see, i'm in a dilemma - should i just stick with NAN HA (but she doesn't have milk allergy, but has eczmea) or try switching to another brand? any advice appreciated.

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    When we moved to HK in August last year we placed our then 7 month old onto Nan HA (she was on the same brand in Australia but it was made in Australia). We found that the HK Nan HA gave our daughter very runny nappies, so as a result we visited the Doctor who recommended we change to Enfamil. After a week of slow transition (she was a very fussy drinker and could taste the difference) we found the Enfamil worked well with her. I would recommend Enfamil. However be aware that every baby is different, and they all handle different formulas differently, so unfortunately it will be trial and error as to what works and what doesn't for your baby. Good luck.

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    My son had really bad eczema as a baby. He's now 2 years old and its almost completely gone thanks to chinese herbal formula.

    Anyway, to answer your initial question, I breastfed for six months and afterwards my doctor recommended NAN HA for my son since he had bad skin allergies/eczema. It took him a week to get used to the flavor but he ended up liking it. The formula did not cause him to breakout or anything so that was a good sign.

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    I have lots of food allergies myself and I tried Nan HA at the advice of the midwife. It gave my baby lots of problems. At the advice of my naturapath, I switched to the Meiji HP (it's hypollergenic) and my baby adjusted to it right away without problems. You can get it at the Bonjour stores for $235 a tin, I think.

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