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ok ladies, advice please, school closures...

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    when are you back in HK? i may just need to take you up on your offer! LOL!

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    In the next 8 weeks! You'll be the third to know as I can't wait.. Happy to help.

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    ok, so still waiting for the gov't announcement although i would bet money they are going to extend the closure.

    what i've decided to do is this:

    1) extend one more week
    2) offer parents their original spaces plus make-up classes tht need to be used up by sept 1
    3) i'm opening extra classes to deal with the make-ups
    4) asking parents again to keep children with coughs or runny noses out of school
    5) split toys into two so that while kids are playing with one set, the others are being cleaned and sanitised...the next class is given the cleaned toys
    6) will ask parents to ensure kids wash their hands when the come into the class

    do you think that is reasonable?

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    Bumps Guest

    Carang - sent you a PM

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    My two year old's classes never stopped. The groups are small (5 kids generally) and the teacher gave us the option of keeping him in or leaving him at home. I had absolutely no problem with this as she has stayed in contact with us every week. They ask parents to keep kids home at any sign of sickness. They take temps every day. They clean and sanitise the toys after every session. All of this is enough for me. I really do believe that if the classes are small and the parents understand the importance of doing the right thing (i.e. not trying to send a sick child to school) that there is no reason to not open. I mean, in many countries schools are still running no problem.

    I also agree that my 3 year old's school should continue to stay closed as there are 15 kids or so in each class making it a lot harder to monitor illness, keep things clean etc.

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    Hi Carang,
    The church I go to has a confirmed case and all the children activities were closed for two weeks and now that the government announced that they're extending the school closure until the end of summer; the church will follow the government guidline. But as I know there are still playgroup centers that are still open. My opinion is that you should continue to open your playgroup center with all the government guidlines regarding disinfection and precautions. Reduce your class to half and be very strict on no sick child policy. If is it possible, reduce activites with close
    contact. Since it is a playgroup, the children is accompanied by adults so give them the guidline on precautions and ask them to enforce it. It is the parent decision to send their child to playgroup or not.

    But as mentioned above, you also have the risk of getting a confirmed case where the parents might black list your center.

    Just want to give my opinion and let you know that I do feel for you. Hope things will work out for you.


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    the government should give compensation to privately owned playgroups and kindys, then people wouldnt be in this predicament.
    they compensated the farmers who had to kill all their chickens during the bird flu thing, so although its not quite the same, you should be entitled to something.

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    With the closure of secondary schools as well, learning centres are about to expect a surge in numbers. It makes good business sense to at least offer the service whilst making the concessions you suggested above for your own as well as others' peace of mind.

    This is NOT going to effect your reputation. It's at a point now where everybody is in the same boat, and you are making the effort run your business in a responsible way. This is what's going to be remembered in the long run. I've seen you struggle with this question over the past week or so and I definitely empathize - I think you've been a bit hard on yourself; do keep in mind you are also a business, and a damned good one at that - you need to protect the welfare of your playgroup and to be honest, the best way to do this in this current situation is to send a resounding message to the parents that you will be providing a strictly regulated environment for their kids to play and learn safely to the best of your ability. Good luck :)

    Proud Mama to Kian Danyaal 08.12.2007 & Adara Michelle 10.10.2009

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