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Travelling during H1N1

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    Travelling during H1N1

    we planned to bring our 16 months girl for a short trip to Taipei next month. due to H1N1, we are reconsidering if we should really go. we're not too worry about taipei city coz the case is not as serious as hk. we're more concerned about the 1.5hrs flight as our girl cannot wear face mask for more than 15 mins (tentatively booked business class).

    are there moms also planning for summer vacation with kids abroad? what kind of precautions will u take during the trip and on the plane? thx!!

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    We recently went to Phuket with our 7 month old. We didn't take any precautions really. We found out after we got home that the same flight that we came back to Hong Kong, one day later had a case of swine flu on board!!

    I'm not really worried about it - personally, I think that there are MUCH worse things for her to catch - and even if she DID get swine flu (worse case scenario), it's still better than a million other childhood diseases that she could get!! Although there's more of a "stigma" with having swine flu, I think...

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    We just flew long haul over 6 flights there and back and didn't take precautions. A mask would not have worked for our toddler or baby.

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