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Recommendation for personal trainer

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    Recommendation for personal trainer

    Hi everyone,
    I am looking for a woman (ideally who has given birth and has experience with post natal issues) personal trainer to guide me through getting back into shape. I have been very diligent about exercise for the last month and a half but I am losing steam. I am back or half a kilo less than pre-pregnancy weight but have not lost any inches. I am a bit disheartened and need targeted guidance or encouragement. Please help!

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    Dear Suv,

    Doesn't look like you have any responses to your thread but I was wondering the same thing - anyone out there know of any trainers that would specialize in post pregnancy exercise. I'm not so interested in losing the weight and going back to pre-pregnancy appearance, but just want to find someone who would know specifics like when to start working out again, how much to push your body when you are breastfeeding, what results to expect, etc. Seems like there would be a specialist out there (in HK there always seem to be!) Thanks!

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