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Advice please: increasing cervical mucous

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    Advice please: increasing cervical mucous

    Hi, I'm 31 and have been TTC for 2yrs with no luck. I've read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and understand the importance of good cm in TTC but don't seem to be getting anywhere in that department and have already had all the checks - everything is fine 'down there' but I feel dry and don't know how to get the right consistency. Has anyone tried Robitussin for increasing cm and if so, how long do I have to be taking it before seeing the effects? Is there anything else I can eat or use to increase cm? All comments suggestions appreciated! Thanks.

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    I tried the Robitussin method 2 months ago and for that month I can say that my cm was definitely more and thicker. You don't need Robitussin specifically but any kind of cough medicine that contains the ingredient guaifenesin.
    It is very important to avoid the versions that contain decongestants as those may dry up cervical mucus. Also, there is some conflicting information about whether dextromethorphan, the DM in some cough medicine names, may be linked to birth defects such as neural tube defects and cleft palate. I started taking it about 5 days before I was expecting to ovulate, 3 times a day and 2 teaspoons each time. You also take it the day you ovulate (so for 6 days total). If you still don't see much of a change then you should increase your dosage or start taking it earlier in your cycle. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water during this whole time as it's suppose to help. I've also been told to avoid taking Vitamin C tablets around the time of ovulation cause it could dry up cm. Good luck!

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    I don't know if you have tried any of these but drastic or even simple changes to diet will increase the quality and quantity of fertile-type mucous (not all mucous is the same--ideally, you want to have clear egg-white type mucous that can be picked off a piece of tissue paper and will stretch up to 1 inch--you should have increasingly fertile-type mucous for about 5-8 days to have a good chance at conception. Thick, white, yellow, tacky and sticky mucous are not condusive for sperm to swim through even if you're producing a lot.)

    These are things to try

    -Drink a lot more water
    -Stop consuming caffeine (no coffee, cola, tea or chocolate)
    -Do not take antihistamines
    -Take evening primrose oil (alternatively take flax seed oil)
    -Drink grapefruit juice (there haven't been studies that correlate this but thousands of women have found it helpful--I personally, have used grapefruit seed extract diluted in water--it's very bitter--but it made me produce an incredible amount of fertile-type mucous. I was honestly REALLY surprised! This can be bought at a health food store or possibly in the Wellbeing section of food markets like 360)
    -Get more exercise into your day--breaking a sweat helps the circulation in your body (blood, lymph) which also affects the discharges in your body.
    -Make sure you have an extra healthy diet--protein, fiber and grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy--all are important
    -Vitamin intake. Most people do not get enough of the nutrients that they need every day. Personally, I swear by a vitamin supplement by Garden of Life called Omega Code Women. It has Cofactor Q10 which has been shown to be especially good for the female reproductive system. Taking this vitamin (which is raw and easily digested) honestly changed my reproductive health. I had tried others before but nothing produced results as clearly and quickly for me.

    Good luck!

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    thank you!

    Thanks so much ladies! Lots of great tips here. I take Materna and Omega 3 fish oils but will definitely look into the extra bits and pieces.

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