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Fun with Felt--Where to Buy Supplies?

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    sorry, i got the news 2nd hand via my husband and he couldn't remember the details.

    it's difficult to post a specific address as there are hundreds of shops selling material, and hundreds selling beads etc.

    personally, i find the wandering around to be the fun part.

    if i have time, depending on when you wanted to go, i'd be happy to take you.

    i especially like the market streets in sham shui po. when i was pregnant, i bough 90% of my "necessities" for the baby there at a ridiculously low price.

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    libbyfab, if you like spotlight you def like Sham shu po, it's a lot cheaper and a lot more varisty, the only problem is. I can never remember where the bliming shops are!
    I always get lost there.

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    Dear Thanka2,
    I've been collecting pictures off the internet of felt food and playthings for a while too. I'd love to make them. Let me know if you'd ever like to meet and make a few. I've even bought a set of instructions from ebay or etsy (can't remember which) from a lady in Australia! best, Laura

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    YTV- yes, i'm aware of SSP. i get lost there everytime! The street i go to, usually only has beads, ribbons, crystals, fabrics, some semi-precious stones. Are we talking about the same street? or could there more hidden gems i don't know about?

    Since we're on the topic of crafts- does anyone know where i can get materials to make a fascinator? I can't remember the specific term for the material, but its like bendable gauze like fabric.

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