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Helpers and mobile phones

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    was merely addressing your counter to happyv's point that banning mobile phones during ALL work hours is not fair. seemed to me as though you support banning use of phone during all work hours which me to sounds unreasonable. i mean, if you have to impose that kind of rule in with your helper, she is clearly too immature and not responsible at all and you should fire her!

    i have absolutely no issues with rules for helpers. we have rules too of course. but having to impose a blanket 'no phone calls at all allowed from 7am to 9pm' sounds ridiculous and again if you feel like you have to set such a rule, your helper is clearly not someone you can trust and lacking sound judgement and on the basis of that should be terminated.

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    although i agree to an extent with happyv, the difference between a parent doing something and a helper is this:

    as a parent, if something happens to my child due to MY neglect, that is my fault and i have no one to blame but myself.

    god forbid something happen to my child and i find out that my helper was busy talking on the phone and didn't prevent it because she was otherwise occupied... i honestly don't know what my reaction would be.

    i do not agree with banning phones, but as others have pointed out, what one considers "common" sense may not be all that "common".

    i don't have a problem with my helper using her phone, so long as she uses her brain about it.

    would i be happy if the kids were swimming and she was yakking on the phone? NO>

    would i be ok with her on the phone whilst folding clothes or whilst the kids are playing happily in the living room? YES>

    that said, i used to do a lot of private tutoring. there was one helper in particular that was ALWAYS on the phone. there were times when i arrived, she had the phone crooked in her neck... it was still there 2 hours later! those people had call waiting. i know of many that stopped call waiting so that they'd know if the helper was on the phone. (this was back before mobiles were all that common~ remember the days of pagers?)

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    I guess one thing it really depends on your helper. How mature and responsible she is. Also put yourself when you are at work in the office, did you ever had any private calls? Obviously most of us don't talk and giggle for half an hour but we still have our private calls during office hours. It's a way of relaxing and keep in touch with our friends. I think it should be the same with them. That's just my thoughts.

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