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Does your helper stay out late?

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    Bumps Guest

    "2. Bumps: do you even have a helper? If you do, care to share how you interact with her? Otherwise opinions purely based on your assumption or theory are much less convincing than from a more realistic perspective;"

    Yes, I have a domestic employee. I employed her on the basis that she came with amazing credentials, a background in nursing and experience in this field. I employed her for the fact that she expresses her opinions and is not naive or subservient.
    Her hours are 7am - 6pm. I hired her with the knowledge that she has a boyfriend. She has Saturday and Sunday off just as my family does. During the weekend she will either stay with us or at her partners home. If she came home one day and said that she was pregnant, I would be the first to congratulate her. Just like any place of employment - women do get pregnant and this did not deter me from hiring her. I employed her with the knowledge that she is an amazing caretaker, does her job well and has a great sense of humor.

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    zac08 is offline Registered User
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    5. And for the ladies who go out of the way to make your helpers 'at home', i.e. by getting up before her, etc. DON'T. By paying a helper and having to sacrifice your privacy and so on to do it, she's there to make your life easier and happier! If you are not feeling so, it's time to change something, or someone...

    Totally disagree with this point. I can't believe you are saying that it is wrong to make your helper feel at home. I can't even begin to describe how wrong I feel that statement is. Secondly, I certainly do not think wanfamily should be faulted for waking up before her helper to tend to her children when they wake up! I mean, I should hope that most of us mothers do! I always thought it was strange that in some families in HK, it is not the mothers who respond to her childrens' cries in the mornings - it is the helpers. Thirdly, "having to sacrifice your privacy for your helper"??! If it's such a huge sacrifice, why employ her in the first place? You make it sound as though you are doing HER a favor, certainly not the other way around!

    Yes you are paying her to make your life easier, but this is a complex relationship where as the employer the onus is on you to make her feel comfortable and happy as well. This is not a typical work relationship in an office environment where you see each other during the day, say good night and go home in the evenings and that's it. This is far more intimate relationship wherein I do believe employers should feel like they need to make their helpers feel at home. And waking up before the helper is irrelevant - some of us actually enjoy and want to wake up at the crack of dawn if it is our children who are crying out to us.

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    To each his own ladies so kindly stop bickering about this PLEASE...............

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    Bumps, your arrogance is quite impressive. I still can't see why you have gotten so uptight (and self righteous) about what people have said here. I think maybe you are bored and are simply having fun deliberately interpreting people's comments the wrong way.

    But who cares in the end, as HK2008 so eloquently put it, Happy V (and clearly Bumps) have found their soul mates in their helpers. For the rest of us mere mortals I guess we just have to accept that we are all obviously slightly stupid and incapable of hiring well.

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