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how do you know if your child is "gifted"?

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    Hi Cara, sorry have not replied as have not been online for few days, it might be tough for us this month as well, brother & family visiting from states & then we're off to uk to visit inlaws....

    i had an interesting conversation with my son :
    (we just moved him into a big boy's bed with a guard rail & have been explaining he should get on & off in the "opening" (part w/o guard rail)). here's how it went :

    son : mommy, what's that (pointing at rail)
    me : that's the guard rail, it keeps you from falling out of bed when you're sleeping
    son : no mommy, it's the ''closening''

    could't say he was completely wrong & didn't have the heart to correct him :)

    Ozekid, the right/left brain test you mentioned sounds interesting, can it be done at such a young age? will send you a pm.

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    Sorry, been busy with the move and not revisted this thread.

    We had the test done with Yvonne Becher (in Hong Kong) who is a clinical psychologist. She comes into BD a few days a week so I am sure she has a practice on the island.

    The test was the WPSSI-3 which is appropriate for younger kids. As I said earlier she did say that you can not accurately badge a child as gifted until about 5-6 years of age but she managed to pin down behavioral traits.I reread the report after posting here and it has reminded me of some things I need to do to keep her on track (so after 18 months the information is still very accurate)! She gave a three page report after the 'testing' which is basically a hour session where she chats to the kids and plays a bunch of games and puzzles.

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