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Is this colic? Grandma said No brest milk will help

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    Hi carey,

    If you ask any medical doctor, they will tell you that breastmilk does not cause colic in babies. So, pls go ahead and preservere. You will discover the many benefits of breastfeeding as your baby grows up stronger and healthier!

    I did try gripe water but it didn't work for my baby. Infacol is better but it doesn't always work either. In the end the only thing that calmed my baby was putting him in my Carry-B baby carrier and walking around in a semi darken room. Oh, and I played Bach's "Air on a G-string" classical music as background music too. Very relaxing and calming (for both baby and mum!)

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    Thanks allyberg5. Somehow, mothers from my mother's generation believe that breastfeeding babies are harder to take care of, eg: not eating on a three to four hour interval ( mine drinks at a less than two hour gap most of the time), doesn't sleep well because the baby doesn't have a full tummy.

    Well, my son fits in the bill, compare to all the other formula feed babies girls in the family. I think boys are in general a bit harder to take care of than girls. My OL is quite typical of a hearty eater but not a big sleeper or need to be trained to sleep better. He only sleeps about 13 hours a day less than what he should.

    Coming back to being pressure not to give breastmilk by my mother. It seems very strange that she breastfeed all of us but does not want me to do the same for her beloved grandson. I guess she is just trying to make life a bit easier for me.

    Like I said, I express milk and give it to my son in a bottle and supplement with formula twice a day. Although less nursing, it's quite a lot of work with all the pumping and washing of bottle and pump.

    I will hang in there as long as I can. Thanks for the support.

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