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What kind of veggies do you use for your homemade baby food?

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    Tsuen Wan

    Nicolejoy - GREAT tip about the carrots - I will try to forget the time when I added the water from the steamer to the carrots... I found that website too - it`s really great eh. But that chart is a nice thing to have around.

    Monte and Frenchy - $150 doesn`t sound too too bad. But how much do you get? I wonder if I know that farm - I have a friend that lives up that way and she took me there once.

    Carang - what is gai lan? The vegetables and fruits you get, is it from the mainland? Not everything has to be organic, but I just don`t trust everything that is produced in China. It`s like in Canada, I don`t buy produce from Mexico.

    Thanks for the recommendations so far. I will check out that organic farm and see if it`s doable for us.
    Right now I`m referring to Annabel Karmel`s Healthy Baby Meal Planner for ideas. But like all these books and websites, it`s totally western, like they assume you`re produce isn`t tainted, hehe:)

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    quite a lot of the fruit actually comes from the same places as you'd get in canada. my mum used to be a produce manager in a large canadian chain supermarket. she was shocked that a lot of the fruit etc in the supermarkets were EXACTLY the same as what she sold! boxes, packaging, everything! that's not to say it's all the same. honestly, i just buy what we need. i've never really worried too much about it. (except meat, we REALLY try to avoid mainland meat whenever possible).

    gai lan looks a lot like choi sum, but is thicker (personally, i prefer baby choi sum)

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    Well, we ask for a mix of western/eastern veg from the farm, and this is what we got last week: 1 red cabbage, 1 green cabbage, a bag of potatoes, a bag of carrots, 2 small heads of broccoli, a bag of lettuce, a bag of choi sum, a large squash (maybe zucchini? not sure) and a bag of fresh thyme. In recent weeks we've gotten tomatoes, corn on the cob, fresh rosemary, fresh basil, spinach, asparagus, aubergine ... it's just a variety, and since we like everything except beets we're pretty happy with it and it seems like good value to us.
    I do it partly for the health reasons but also in large part for the environmental ones. The fact that not only is this food grown organically but that it is local instead of flown in from all over the world gives it a lot smaller "footprint." And it helps to support a farmer, which I'm happy to do. Of course I still buy plenty of things from overseas (like Carang said, our food supply is so global!) but every little bit helps, I think.

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