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moving to UK....pls. help!!

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    Agree with everyone.

    Live-in domestic help is not the norm in the UK. People tend to hire cleaners to clean the house but if you want full time help then you should opt for a nanny.

    As with schools, research is a must. Entries to state schools really depends on your location. Private schools are slightly easier, but mums do tend to register their babies well in advance to gain entry to a top school.

    I live in the UK but visits HK on a regularly basis, and have found that the range of baby clothes is a lot better in the UK than it is in HK.

    Look me up if you need any info when you are here.

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    Sydney, Australia (but would like to return to HK)


    We found when we were buying our flat you did get bigger and more modern in Greenwich and the East End in general rather than West London. There are some lovely places in West London but we wanted size and close proximity to work. Check out these websites they may give you a good idea: Property Search, Homes For Sale, Sell Your House, Estate Agents

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    dear karmah1 and karen,
    could you pls. tell me how much travel time would it take on the tube form greenwich to central london? also what kind of kids activities one can do in greenwich? someone mentioned that greenwich is great but the area surrounding it is quite desolated and not too that true? woukd i need to keep a fixed watch over my kids when i take them to the park there? also what winter activities do kids have in general since i guess the parks would be out of bounds.......we r narrowing down to wimbledon as we hear that it is more 'central' in the sesnse easier to commute to any part of london and that greenwich is located in one corner........

    also i am looking fwd to living ina house asi know i may not get an opportunity elsewhere? whats your experience abotu the same.........sorry too many questions but if u could PM me your email ids or contact nos. maybe i could just talk iot out with u.......thanks so much.

    anyone else with greenwich, wimbledon, st. john's wood experience pls. do write.

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