My almost-6month old baby is behaving quite strangely on the breast these days (exclusively breast-fed, quite big and heavy at 8kgs+).

She acts somewhat hungry and will feed very efficiently but after 3mins on breast no. 1, will start to fuss - she would latch off, whine a bit but go back to the breast after a bit of coaxing. She would then feed on the 2nd breast for around 7 mins (her preferred breast) and will start fussing again until I pull her off. She would then still look unhappy, as if she wants something else. (maybe that's just my imagination)

She sleeps very well at night (7 to 7) and recently reduced to 4 feeds a day. (I eliminated the dream feed 2 weeks ago)

I don't think it's low supply (there's still milk coming out when I squeeze).. Do you think she's wanting solids? I was hoping she could wait until after our short trip which is in 2 weeks....