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Pregnant and breastfeeding?

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    Hi Gummybear, I'm currently 4 and a half months pregnant with my 2nd and my 1st is still breastfeeding and I don't intend to wean her as I figure it will help with the jealousy issues to know that she can still have special cuddles with Mummy even though there's a new baby on the scene.

    My 1st is much older than yours, however, and only breastfeeds once or twice a day. You sound really committed to breastfeeding, which is great. If you're a little unsure what to do - after your first's 12 month birthday you could gradually wean her down to a number of breastfeeds that you're comfortable with or will be comfortable with when the new baby comes; that will give you both 4 months to slowly and sensitively wean some of your first's b/fs away. That way you can feel happy that you're still providing your first with the goodness of your b/m but on a more manageable level if you go on to tandem nurse.

    Your milk will be composed to suit the new baby not your first, even changing back to colostrum when the new baby is born.

    As for hospitals, I gave birth at QM and will go there again this time around. Last time I went fully public but this time I'm having shared care so some of my antenatal appointments will be with a private Doc but, of course, the public Docs/midwives will deliver my baby when the time comes.

    I also want to be out of the hospital as quickly as possible this time around so I can be home for my first who has never been without me. I guess that has to be played by ear depending how smoothly everything goes but if everything's good I'll just say that's what I'm doing and I'll see a private Doc, possibly Annerley Midwives for follow-up home visits. The Doula idea is also good and something I am planning on to delay my admission to hospital.

    Good luck with everything.

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    If I could go to a private hospital and just pay for the delivery and not stay for 3 days - that would be ideal because my insurance doesn't cover the entire cost - so I'd be mostly out of pocket if I had to pay $100K ++ ... So not staying at the hospital would kill two birds with one stone - I'd be able to get back home sooner and be with my husband and first born, and it'd make it more affordable for me as well.

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    I continued to nurse while pregnant, but just found that my milk supply gradually dried up. So it might depend on your body too...

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