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Any mums concerned with the Environment?

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    Any mums concerned with the Environment?

    I am using this (for kitchen & toilets & floors) and it's really great. All you need is water! It's really good as I don't need any chemicals so the air is fresher for my kids!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Naturally Savvy - Enjo Demonstration[/ame]

    I have the agent's contact so if you need details, they offer you incentives if you host your own party, you only need 4 friends to come together. PM me if you want more details.

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    There is actually a very easy and safe product you can use for mopping your floor: add vinegar to the water!
    Water on its on doesn't kill germs if it's not boiling.
    No need to buy those gimmicks, really!

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    They've had Enjo in Australia for years! It is very expensive to buy and the mits need to be replaced periodically. I too wonder about the ability to kill germs if you are only using water and a cloth!

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    It's not the water that is removing the bacteria, but the special fibre they make. And their fibre is not just for cleaning the floor, they have products for different parts of the household.

    I am currently using their products too, I love it! I threw all the chemicals away and my home now is chemical free. It's such a relief for me because I have a curious crawling baby at home. It's not too awfully expensive, a couple of hundred dollars for a cleaning cloth may sounds a bit much, but it saves you money from buying all different kinds of chemical detergents. Also the products come with a 2 years warranty, with a usual life span of 3 years, I am saving big money in a long run!

    I too have contact for free demo, host who brings friends to the demo can have free products as well as 10% redeem. I had my floor pole and plate for free being a host, and those are their most expensive products! PM me if you wanna know more. Oh, if it makes you feel more confident, ICHK is using their products to clean the campus, according to them it's a dream come true for HK parents!

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