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    Hi all,

    I have 9 mths old baby boy who dont like to wear socks or shoes or any other stuffs on his feets.what should i do to make him like it?he always pull,bitting or throwing the socks whenever we walks with the stroller.i wanting him to wear soft shoes as soon he will start walking by himself.
    Thanks for the tips!


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    Mine went through this stage. I just left them without shoes or socks until it got cold and then tried different shoes so try and have them engage in the process. It was then hit and miss as to if they kept them on.

    Once I remember posting in a forum asking anyone in the area to keep an eye out for a red croc because DD had taken it off and lost it! Thankfully someone was actually reading and had seen it!! I am still grateful for getting it back.

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    Mine went through this stage too, and, like Oze Kid, we just left the shoes off while he was learning to walk (which was when the weather was warm anyway). When the weather got colder, he seemed to recognise the usefulness of having something on his feet and seemed to accept it. Not overnight, though and he still pulls off his socks! It was easier for him to accept socks + soft shoes- they were more difficult for him to remove and at some stage, he just gave up :-)

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    Some children really hate socks and shoes and I don't think there is anything you can deliberately do to make them like them. When my son started walking it was before he was nine months old and we were in a colder climate--but even at that time, I didn't often put socks or shoes on him. So, he learned how to walk barefoot (mostly indoors)--when the snow started to fly, we put socks and shoes on him and he didn't complain or try to take them off. Now that he's older and sees how mommy and daddy wear socks and shoes, putting on his socks and shoes is a really happy game-time for him--he even has a specific place in the house he goes to sit down when we tell him it's time to put on socks and shoes. I think you have to wait it out--my friend has a daughter who is 3 and screams whenever she has to put anything on her feet, though so like I said, I think some kids just have a hard time with it--maybe their feet are sensitive.

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