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Baby walker (push type)

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    Baby walker (push type)

    Baby has been cruising around for 1-2months and I am thinking if it's worth to buy a walker(push type) for her?
    I have been doing some reading up and I wonder if any moms found them useful/neccessary and if so which brand did you use and feedback please?
    I am thinking of Chicco or Vtech, those with large wheels where you cannot convert to rider later on...

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    We have the Vtech one which has a panel of buttons etc on the front that you can remove and play with flat on the ground. It has musical keys at the bottom, a telephone handset, butterfly and puppy. We looked at heaps of ride on and push ones and liked this one the best. My son loves it and I think he will play with it for a long time even after the need to use it for support walking has passed.


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