Hi January,
I was in the exact same position as you. Had been on the pill for 13 years without break. I came off the pill last September and did not have a period for three months. I then was on 39 day cycles until I fell pregnant in February. I think it is premature to be diagnosing PCOS based on the information provided. I had terrible acne when I came off the pill and long cycles and I do not have PCOS. This is very common for the body to take some time to adjust, particularly after having hormones controlled by the pill for such a long time. I also found my cm signs to be confusing and the trick for me to conceive was using OPKs and monitoring temperatures. I found the fertility friend website to be very useful for this. It turns out I was ovulating much later than I thought (around day 28). Coincidentally I am using Dr Doo as my OB and have found him to be excellent and extremely thorough.