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Feeding congee to baby

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    Feeding congee to baby

    I`d like to start cooking brown rice congee for my baby(6months). I usually just give him powdered brown rice cereal together with a fruit or veg. I used to make congee a few years ago for myself, but I`m a bit confused about the baby stuff. Do I need to mash up the rice after it`s cooked? Also, for ingredients like ginger and garlic, when are those generally introduced to babies? And how about when I introduce meat, will my baby be able to take tiny chunks of it as opposed to pureed?
    As I said in another post, I have just started over on introducing foods to my son (had allergy) and I feel like he`ll be 6 years old by the time he`s tried everything with those few tester days for each food!
    If anyone can give me a good congee recipe for 6-8 month olds, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Sorry I don't have a recipe for congee but my son is 7 months and I just started giving him cooked brown rice, I didn't mash it but mixed it in to his semi-pureed veges. I also cook him lamb chops with garlic and then just blend it up with an electric hand blender. Its not really pureed just in small shreds. You can give garlic to babies from 6 months, will keep them healthy. I also give my son Quinoa its a grain like cous cous but gluten free and is as high protein as meat. You can get it at health food stores in Central.

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    I use this website for all baby recipes and schedule on what to feed and when to feed my baby. They says to wait till 8 months old for stuff like garlic and ginger.

    Make Homemade Baby Food Recipes, Homemade Baby Food Recipes, Solid Food Baby Tips, Baby Nutrition & more!

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    I normally used cooked rice and add hot water to cook congee. If I add things, I might add pumpkin, sweet potatoe, carrot, minced chicken / beef / fish (I used to heavily puree the meats until my daughter was around 8 months (when her first teeth started appearing), and then I only lightly puree it so there is some texture)

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    I used to blend the rice before I cooked congee for my baby so that it's easier for him to eat, but then I read a baby cookbook and they suggested you soak the rice in water for an hour first before cooking, and the congee is really much better, not as hard but still have some texture which is great, you can give it a try.

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    I started making congee for daughter when she was 6 months....I used half cup of rice with half pan of water and boiled it for an hour stirring regularly as this makes it make it less bland, I added all different types of vegetables and sometimes with chicken and sometimes with fish (be careful of fish bones, I used to use Dover Soles, not sure whether you have this type of fish in HK) and when it is ready I pureed it in a blender until smooth. I did this until she was 9 months and gradually as she got older left it a bit "lumpy".

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